4.3. RaflaRumba Appro 2020

First rays of sunshine in the spring, chirping birds and of course RaflaRumba 2020! The appro to start the spring in the beautiful scenery of central Helsinki.

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7.3. METKA’s 12th Annual Gala

In the begining of the year 2020 METKA will celebrate it’s 12th year journey in the student movement.

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10.3. METKA Bowling & Chill – after school bowling for METKA members!

Welcome to METKA's new member event: Glow bowling & chilling in Myllypuro!

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METKA Member Services

M-piste Arabia

Hämeentie 135 D, Helsinki
2nd floor, ARC2-39C3

Tue 12-15
Thu 15-17

M-piste Myllypuro

Myllypurontie 1, Helsinki
B-building, 6th floor

Tue 12-15
Thu 12-15

M-piste Myyrmäki

Leiritie 1, Vantaa
A-Building, A128.2

Tue 15-17
Wed 12-15

M-piste Karamalmi

Karaportti 2, Espoo
4th floor, entrance hall

Wed 12-15

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Zone Sports offers quality sports services for all METKA Members!

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