Application period for METKA´s tutor trainings is starting again.

In fact, application for exchange tutor training started already on this Monday and those interested in peer tutoring will have the opportunity to apply for training right at the beginning of next week. Those selected for tutor trainings in this Spring will be tutoring all of the new students during the 2020 Fall period. There will be more than 2,500 new students coming to Metropolia next Fall, and over 200 exchange students on top of that. What this means in practice is that tutors are highly needed in every campus.

METKA’s tutor training, and especially tutoring in practice, is one of the best in the field of Finnish UAS and student unions. This does not mean that METKA is not aiming to improve tutoring even more, quite the contrary. Tutoring is constantly being developed, both in terms of training, structure, and organization, so that the future freshers may be proud of their student unions tutoring and want’s to apply for trainings in turn.

Head tutors are at campuses to answer any questions

One of the specialties of METKA tutoring is our truly qualified headtutors. Headutors are experienced tutors who have passed a rigorous screening and are trained to act as a headtutor and lead their team of tutors. In other words, headtutors know, among other things, everything about tutoring. These super tutors will be touring campuses during the tutor applications. You can go and ask them anything about tutoring. You recognize them by a black tutor-hoodie and a wise and supportive air around them.

Intrested about tutoring?

In addition to asking from headtutors touring the campuses, you can also search for information on METKAweb. There you can find links to application forms as well.

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