The summer is treating us well and soon it’s time to jump in to the new year of studies! Are you starting your first year as a student? Congratulations! Are you nervous? That’s okay too, it comes with the territory. Here’s a quick checklist to ease your way to the new routines.

  1. The mobile Student ID can be found from the Tuudo app. If you are a fresher (a first-year student), you can start enjoying the student benefits from the first day of your studies. This means also the discount from the HSL public transport! You can also check out our FAQ.
  2. It’s a good idea for the new students to check out the tutor letter! It came attached to the letter of admission. That’s a letter for you from just those peeps who will guide you to your studies. They are there for you and they know the best tips for the student life on your degree programme!
  3. Don’t forget to enjoy your summer! The starting of the studies is sure to excite both the new and returning student. On the campus it’s easy to find new friends and meet up with the old pals. The new possibilities can make you giddy, but do take the remaining time before the studies to relax. When the school finally starts there will be tons new information and it pays to stay sharp.

Welcome to the autumn and Metropolia!

This post is also available in Suomi.