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METKA’s Student Advocacy Specialist Sakari Tuomisto: “Valuable feedback stays in lunch table conversations and informal student meetings. “

Student tend to hide their honest thoughts. A brilliant idea or irritating problem is most commonly shared with fellow students but not anyone else.
The feeling that channel is not open to bring the thoughts further is common. Many of the students don’t even have an idea where could they talk about their experiences on studying. Valuable and useful feedback stays in lunch table conversations and informal student meetings. The longer situation stays unchanged the more frustrating it must feel for the students. This problem should not exist at least according to what is said in the law regarding Universities of Applied sciences.

The law gives a promise on involvement

The law on UASs states that the personnel and students of the school form a community of UAS. Meaning of this statement is to raise students as equal members in schools administration and structure.

Involvement of students is a principle that is visible throughout the law on UASs. There are also some concrete requirements like naming the student representatives in the school administration. This responsibility is given to the Student Union.

Search for student representatives is now open!

A number of active student representatives are needed to fulfill the set respondsibility. METKA is currently looking for 73 student representatives. Their job is to bring together the schools administration and students hidden viewpoins, ideas and feedback.

Regretably many of the student representative positions are currently unfilled. There is much room for improvement and the goal is to fill every position for the year 2020. Student representative position are open for every student to apply. Make sure to send an application!


Sakari Tuomisto
Student Advocacy Specialist
Student Counsel

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