Tip of the Week 21/2019

Did you know that METKA has a harassment contact person? He helps when a student is facing any sort of harassment. What is harassment? Harassment includes all inappropriate behavior starting from calling names and excluding from groups to discrimination and sexual... Lue lisää

Tip of the Week 20/2019

Hey student! Are you still without an apartment for the fall? You are not alone: right now HOAS, the largest student housing provider in Helsinki, has 10 805 resolved applications in their system waiting for free apartments. 1004 applications are for shared... Lue lisää

Tip of the Week 19/2019

The fall semester is right around the corner, and if you have not applied for Kela grants yet, now it is time to act. Early birds get the decisions first: there are thousands of students sending their applications to Kela at the moment. Kela provides students both... Lue lisää

Tip of the Week 18/2019

Apply for summer student grant Are you studying in summer? Do you work with thesis, or complete your practical training? If so, now it’s time to apply for the Kela study grant for summer studies. Here’s how to do it: Go online to Kela website, and sign in... Lue lisää

Tip of the Week 16/2019

Remember to enroll for the next semester! Enrolling is now open for both as present or absent, and for the courses in fall semester. If you don’t enroll before 31 May, a fee of 50 euros is collected to continue studies! Enrolling for courses is open until 15... Lue lisää

Tip of the Week 15/2019

Now that Vappu and its parties are going on, it’s an excellent time to remind ourselves about first aid. Take care of each other and remember to drink water and eat well! <3 If you see that someone needs help, make sure that they get help! All of us has a... Lue lisää