Coronavirus and Metropolia – up-to-date info site by METKA

This site is dedicated to coronavirus information and guidelines for students. All info is collected by METKA, and the site is kept up-to-date as new information becomes available.

METKA is in contact with Metropolia, Finnish authorities and SAMOK to bring up the current and future concerns by students.

The site was last updated on 6.4.2020.

Where to find reliable info about corona?

Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL in Finnish) offers reliable and up-to-date information about coronavirus. It is good to be aware that there are a lot of false information about the situation online and in social media. Be mindful about your sources.

Finnish Institute for health and wellfare website

Metropolia coronavirus guidelines

All Metropolia students must follow the official Metropolia guidelines concerning their studies. Find the guidelines on OMA intranet:

Kuva Metropolian intranet-sivusta, jossa korostettu kuvake korona-ohjeistukseen / A screen shot from Metropolia intranet with highlighting around a link to corona-instructions

Corona instuctions of Metropolia are available at intranet OMA. Also METKA is obeying them in its own operations.

Metropolia is collecting information on a dedicated OMA Intranet page. There will also be answers to the questions by problems students encounter. Metropolia info page is on OMA at Materials > For Student > Coronavirus information. The page is kept up-to-date.

kuvankaappaus Metropolian intranet OMAsta, jossa osoitettuna Tietoa koronaviruksesta -kohta / A screenshot from intranet OMA with highlight on the position of Information on corona virus section

Metropolias corona info page is available in OMA.

Metropolia students are asked to seek information primarily on OMA. If you cannot answers to your questions, next you should contact the relevant Metropolia staff members. If they cannot provide the answers, there is also a dedicated email address for inquiries:

If you suspect you have coronavirus

Finnish institute for health and welfare instructions for citizens on coronavirus:

If you suspect that you have coronavirus, take a symptom assessment survey at the Omaolo website (the service is available in Finnish and Swedish).

If you have mild respiratory tract infection symptoms, such as rhinitis, cough, throat pain, muscle pain, or fever, stay at home to rest and recuperate. Stay home until the symptoms go away.

Contact your healthcare provider only if you experience severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or if your overall condition gets worse.

Those at higher risk for severe illness should not hesitate to contact a healthcare centre or a doctor. If you are in a risk group, phone the healthcare centre without delay if

  • you suddenly develop a fever (38 degrees or over), and
  • you also have a sore throat and/or a cough.

Always contact your healthcare provider by telephone and follow the provided instructions. In case of severe symptoms, call your healthcare centre or emergency health care services immediately. In an urgent case, call the emergency number 112.

Instructions cited on 6.4.2020. Check up-to-date instructions here.

In case you have been infected, are in quarantine or other important coronavirus-related issues, contact

Teaching in Metropolia

Finnish government decided to shut all schools between 18.3.-13.5.2020.
Metropolia has changed all possible teaching into virtual learning. The change took effect on 18.3.2020.

The Finnish Government announced 16.3.2020 that all educational institutes are closed starting 18.3.2020.

Metropolia has stated that it aims to organize teaching so that the studies will not be delayed and that there will be no risk for losing study grants because of no being able to complete enough credits.

“Our aim is to ensure students’ sufficient study progress in order to secure student financial aid and graduation on time. The degree programme will communicate all relevant changes related to studies.”

ANNOUNCEMENT: Metropolia prepares for corona virus effects  (published 13.3.2020, has been updated later)

The Finnish government has announced 17.3.2020 some guidelines on how the studies should be organized.

”Teaching and guidance will be organized using virtual and other methods of distance learning in the vastest possible extent. Teaching that is not possible to be organized using any remote or virtual teaching method will be provided if the health of the students and teaching staff can be guaranteed.”

Unofficial translation form ministrys web page: Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö: Koronavirus ja siihen varautuminen opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriön toimialalla

Metropolia facilities

Metropolia’s campuses are open on 14 May from Mon-Fri 8 am-4pm. Despite the opening, remote education will continue, but necessary activities and work on campus premises are permitted with a separate permit. Maximum number of persons on campus are till 31.5. up to 10 people and from 1.6. 50 people.

Students are given a separate permit to work on campus by the degree supervisor. Other permits related to the use of the premises are issued by the premises manager or the security manager (the latter in reserve).

Short-term transactions on campus do not require a separate permit. Short-term transactions refer to, for example, transactions in lobby services, pick-up, returns, emptying of drawers, use of the multifunction device in the lobby area. Longer-term work requires a permit in accordance with the instructions above.

Note: Students have until the end of June to empty the drawers / cabinets.

See contact information for campus janitors here.

OMA: Coronavirus information

Services at campuses

Metropolia’s service points are closed for the most parts. Many school services are available online.

Metropolia libraries have changed some of their lending policies due to campus closures. The libraries will pick up quotes for lobby services as a pick-up service for collection from thursday 14.5. The library facilities are closed for the time being.

METKA's services and events
  • METKA works only online at the moment. As usual, METKA Board and employees can be contacted via email, phone and chat. Your METKA membership supports the advocacy work also during these exceptional times. Therefore, membership fees will not be refunded.
  • This year METKA’s Week of Wappu will be METKA’s Week of Wirtual Wappu! Read more here. #Wabueilobukaan
  • Zone Sport Services are cancelled for Spring 2020.
  • METKA membership gives you access to the Yogobe, the yoga and bodyweight training online service! Order your own code using this form.
Study grant

Finnish government decided on 2.4.2020 about details concerning financial aid for students:

  • Study grant may be paid even though credit limits would not be met due to the corona epidemic.
  • Students may be eligible for additional study grant months if studies are delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic.
  • Kela is planning to make sure that students do not need to make extra reports of their study progress due to the coronavirus.

STATEMENT: The Finnish government heard the students’ concerns – Thank you Ministers!

Study loan compensation

The Ministry of Education and Culture is preparing to the legislation, which would ensure that students do not lose their eligibility for study loan compensation due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The Minister of Science and Culture, Hanna Kosonen wrote in her column on 2.4.2020 (only in Finnish):

Our goal is that every student that has worked for study loan compensation will get it. The Ministry is preparing changes in legislation, which will take these exceptional conditions into consideration when looking into the general study loan compensation conditions. In other words, if one would be eligible for study loan compensation in normal conditions, but the studies are delayed due to the coronavirus, they will still be eligible for compensation.

Practical training

Practical trainings continues normally. Some trainings have been cancelled by the placement. In these cases, students must follow the placement’s guidelines. If your training is cancelled or you cannot complete it because of coronavirus, discuss with the Metropolia staff what to do.

Some UAS’s have made decisions to limit or end all practical training. This kind of decisions are not made in Metropolia.

Kela: Sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease

Students are not by default eligible for the full Kela sickness allowance for loss of income due to absence from studies or work. If a student is also an employee, they may be eligible for sickness allowance if the employer requires them to be absent.

Students are eligible for study grant for two months on sick leave. Therefore, sickness allowance most likely is not available for students.


All study-related travels abroad are currently prohibited by Metropolia.

“Students’ planned internships and exchange periods abroad will be canceled for the time being. Domestic travels should also be avoided.”

Metropolias corona instructions. Referred on 14.3.2020. Check the most recent updates on intranet OMA.

Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Do not travel abroad!

Student exchange

Metropolia has asked all students in the epidemic areas to return to Finland. Student exchanges that has not yet started have been cancelled.

It may be possible to reschedule the cancelled or early terminated exchange period. All inquiries go to Metropolia International Office. Find the contact information on OMA: Materials > For Student > International opportunities

All Metropolia students going for exchange are offered an insurance. Students whose exchange is cancelled or terminated early may be eligible for compensation covered by the insurance. All inquiries about the insurance go to Metropolia International Office.

Delayed study progress, extra study time and student loan compensation

Metropolia aims that studies or graduation will not be delayed in current situation.

However, if the studies are delayed due to coronavirus, extra study time can be admitted. All cases are handled individually.

Decisions about student loan compensations have not been done yet by Kela.

Student meals

Many of the student restaurants are currently closed including all restaurants at the Metropolia capuses. Supplemented student meals are still available at some student restaurants. List of student restaurants is available at Kela web page. The opening hours must be checked separately.

Kela has decided that student restaurants can sell meal-subsidied food as take away until 31.5.2020. Some restaurants may have this option available.

Anxious about corona? Help is available

Corona epidemic may cause anxiousness or fear about studies, livelihood or health. This is not something that a student needs to feel alone. Support for Metropolia students is available.

Study wellness advisors, psychologists and educational priests at Metropolia

Metropolia’s Student Welfare Services and university chaplains will support you also during the coronavirus situation. Due to the exceptional circumstances, counseling and discussions are currently provided remotely.

“Contact us, we will make it through also this together”, comment the university chaplains at Metropolia.

The university chaplains


Jyri Hakala
tel. 040 513 4363,


Tiina Kaaresvirta
tel. 050 567 7394,


Hanna Similä
tel. 050 420 1540,

Jukka-Mikko Karjalainen
tel. 050 581 0593,

Wellbeing advisors and Counselling psychologists:

Primarily students of Helsinki campuses:

Students Welbeing Advisor –  Maarika Kortelainen
cel. 040 714 5111 (Make an appointment by email)

Primarily students of the Espoo and Vantaa campuses:

Students Welbeing Advisor – Maria Sukselainen
+358 40 834 2940 (Make an appointment by email)

Student Psychologist – Paula Aarnio
040 578 0319 (Appointment by email)

Checklist for students by Metropolia’s well-being and mental health specialists:

  • Don’t be left alone with your worries.
  • Calm your mind, follow trusted sources of information
  • Find a way to connect with your loved ones and get support.
  • We’re here for you.

Nyyti Chat

Nyyti ry is a national Finnish non-profit organisation founded in 1984. The purpose of Nyytis operations is to support students’ mental health and ability to study.

Nyyti Ry organizes chat sessions for students twice a week. Find the topics and schedule here.

METKA Chat – chat with your student union

Student Union METKA will be on call on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm on chat. The chat is on call by the METKA Board, specialists and CEO. We do our best to give advice, guide and support Metropolia students in the METKA chat.

METKA stands for your rights

If students face any problems or questions concerning coronavirus, they can contact METKA at

This post is also available in Suomi.