Student parliament election - dont be justa a drop in the ocean, give a face to the decider. Nominate yourself by 9.10.2019 at 23:59!

METKA’s student parliament is now searching for people for next year! Nominate yourself to decide on your and your friends’ student life and the student union’s actions. The nomination ends tomorrow on Wednesday October 9th at 23:59. Here you’ll find the nomination form – apply today!

The thought of the student parliament feels frightening? Maybe you’ve never been in such a thing? That’s okay! Many, who are in the student parliament, have no prior experience – you’ll learn as you go and do in the company of others.

Calendar seems to be full? The student parliament meets around ten times a year, that’s less than once a month.

In the student parliament you’ll get to know students from your and others’ fields of studies and we have fun, too. Also, you really don’t have to be a passionate politician by heart to have fun and success in the student parliament.

Questions? You can message us at and you’ll get answers from student parliament veterans.

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