Courses and Clubs

METKA’s Culture Club

Are you tired of just studying and partying? METKA’s Culture Club is for all the Metropolia students who want to get to know different types of culture in great company. The Culture Club can arrange trips to e.g. concerts, art exhibitions, theater shows and ballet. If you have awesome ideas on what the Culture Club should do, don’t hesitate to be in touch with METKA!

Clubs of the students

Doesn’t METKA organize anything nice? Aren’t you interested in sports, but you would want to build robots or discuss the newest Donald Duck magazine every Friday? Did you know that you can found your own club?

This is how you can found your own club:

1. Gather a group of at least five Metropolia students who are interested in founding a club.

2. Contact METKA’s member of the board responsible for the clubs Josse Puolokainen (josse.puolokainen[at] and agree on a time for the constitutive meeting.

3. Hold the constitutive meeting where you produce the charter of foundation, rules, action plan and budget. Deliver the documents to the board of METKA and wait for them to be accepted.

Also the Student Associations can found sports clubs for their members. After the founding of a sports club has been agreed with METKA, sports clubs can book sport facilities by contacting METKA’s sports coordinator well in advance.

For further information on founding a club and the rules of clubs, please see the document Rule book for club activities (PDF).


Wine Club

Come and enjoy a nice atmosphere and find your new favorite wines!

The idea of the wine club is to dive into the world of wines every now and then. We won´t have any professional wine gurus teaching us what to drink, instead we will get together and have some fun, while drinking new wines and getting some sense of what the bottle actually contains and what difference there is between grapes and countries. This club is created for meeting other winos, drinking wine and having a good time!

We don´t have any set day when we meet, instead we plan together what theme the meeting will have and then we set a day which suits best for the majority. The meetings are held in Helsinki at one of the hosts homes, every meeting costs 5€ and you sign up in advance either by e-mail or in our Facebook group.

More information about the club and the incoming meetings;!/groups/184069621669294

Comic Club MESA

Metropolia’s Comic Club MESA gathers all students who are interested in making comics!

The club is more about making new comics than reading them.

MESA meets every other Thursday in Katala-sali (IAD172, Lummetie 2, Tikkurila campus). The meetings are held on uneven weeks at 15-18.

Metropolia Logistics Club

A new club, Metropolia Logistics Club, has been founded at Myyrmäki campus. More information is coming soon.

Sports Clubs

There are many Sport Clubs in Metropolia. Their information can be found on the METKA Liikunta webpage.