METKA and the student associations working at Metropolia and around the capital region organize various events to entertain students and balance the studies. This is a list compiled by METKA which will tell you which events are coming up. The list doesn’t include all the events but the majority of METKA’s events can be found.

Events for the Spring of 2017


11.3. METKA’s annual ball

Celebrate the nine year journey of METKA, the student union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Järjestäjä: METKA
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22.4. METKAn Wiikon Wappu 2017

METKA’s Week of MayDay has something for everyone, program includes everything from cruises to pub crawls and from karaoke to mölkky!

Collect at least six stamps from events during Week of MayDay and get a special WappuGuru badge!

Järjestäjä: METKA
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22.4. YsäRisteily 2017

Back to the 90’s party are a tradition on the Week of MaydDay. This year the party goes cruising to the Baltic Sea! Wear your best 90’s gear and party through the mini cruise onboard M/S Finlandia!

Järjestäjä: Trombi ry
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25.4. Poikkitieteellinen Mölkky

UIO to put together a traditional Mölkky-tournament at Kaisaniemi field! The happening is for everyone, no matter what you study or which school you study at.

Järjestäjä: Uudenmaan Insinööriopiskelijat UIO ry 
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Events for the Summer and Autumn 2016

9.7. Beachwolley

HTO arranges a relaxed Beachvolley tournament on summer at Hietaniemi beach. Everyone interested in the game are welcome to join.


25.8. Mannilantien appro

O’Diako organizes the first appro of the autumn. This time the Mannilantien appro will move from Järvenpää to Punavuori. Tickets will be sold at M-piste and you can come and buy them in the beginning of the school year.

31.8. Esileikki

Helsingin Tekniikan Opiskelijat – HTO ry starts the autumn’s party season with the familiar Esileikki party. Carrying a bit of a naughty theme, the party has long been one of the most favorite events of Metropolia and it’s guaranteed to entertain students also this time.

8.9. Fuksiaiset

Freshemen party is one of the most important days for the new students where they gather with their group and with their tutors to Kaivopuisto to circle various checkpoints and complete funny tasks. The evening will culminate in the after party where the winner  of the checkpoint will be announced.

14.9. Opiskelijoiden Suokki

Suomenlinna is filled with colors when students from all over the capital region gather together with their overalls. In addition to Suokki, Trombi ry will organize an after party and you can join the party if you don’t have time to go to Suomenlinna.

15.9. Sivuaineappro

Some of you have probably heard about Hesari’s appro? In addition to the springlike Hesari’s appro, Bileinsinöörit organize a smaller and more laid-back Sivuaineappro on autumn. When it comes to the tickets, you should be fast since they are sold out fast.


METKA organizes annually one of the biggest student sports event of the year. This year Metroport will be held at Myyrmäki due to the renovation at Olympic Stadium. Come try out new sports and take part in various tournaments. Previous years have seen sports such as bubble football, paintball, wall climbing, pole dancing and simulator flying. Everyone’s guaranteed to find something!

22.9. Tursajaiset

Freshmen party is something that the new students eagerly wait and the old ones remember for years. Even though the event is officially targeted to new technology students, students from other fields have also participated the event with large crowds. Join us in the checkpoints circling the bars in the Bulevardi area with groups of four. LiscoDisco, arranged by MeMO ry , will function as an afterparty.

24.9. Stadin Suuri Hässäkkä

An Amazing Race -like adventure arranged by HTO around Helsinki. Collect all you friends and get to know Helsinki with the clues you’ve solved. All you need is your smart phone and transportation card. HTO will serve breakfast and lunch during the tour.

29.-30.9. ASTin- cruise

The beginner and like-minded students will set sail for the Finnish Archipelago Sea at the end of September. The cruise will departure from Turku where UIO ry will arrange a joint transportation.

5.10. Limeks' appro

This year large crowds of students will circle the bars in the Helsinki center area. Be careful with the tickets, they sell out pretty fast.

7.10. Maljannostajaiset

A traditional party which has existed long before Metropolia. This year the party will be held at Kaivohuone. You have to yet wait for the announcement of the artist for the party.

13-15.10. Tradenologia

The annual Tradenologia will gather together all Finland’s BBA students and other students who think they are capable of keeping up with the speed. This year Trombi ry will arrange a two day time travel in Helsinki during which students will complete checkpoints and celebrate at the awesome after party. You don’t want to miss this party!

20.10. Drink or Treat

A bit of different student party. This Halloween-themed party brings something different to the student party scene. Demoni ry and Soffa ry will be the architects of the party!

26.10. M-train Appro

Organized by Trombi ry, this legendary M-train Appro will also be held this year. Hop on the train and experience the atmosphere at the bars around the stations all the way from Martinlaakso to Pasila. Be fast with the tickets!

4.11. Party by UIO

Even though the name for the party is not decided yet you don’t need to worry! UIO will organize an explosive mega party with the Engineers of Helsinki at Kaivohuone. Good times guaranteed with live music and hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

6.-8.11. Kaljaasi

This is definitely one of the most long-awaited events. A cruise that new students eagerly wait for and older student tell legendary tales about. This year Kaljaasi will be bigger than ever!

Don’t panic, the fun doesn’t end here. There are a lot of events coming up which will be posted here.