Message Cat

METKA’s new Message Cat is a form through which the students can send feedback to the student union about anything related to studying or student life. It can also be used to give feedback on any matter that  comes to your mind and about things you would like METKA to do.

METKA is especially interested in issues related to giving feedback in the courses.

Students must have the possibility to give feedback of every course they have taken. The courses about to end that you can give feedback of appear to the Course Feedback portlet on the front page of Tuubi. The time to give feedback continues four weeks after the termination of the course. The feedback is given anonymously and the person giving the feedback cannot be identified.

Students must be provided with feedback and assessment within four weeks of their course performance and in any case well before the next possible retake. The teacher in charge of the course will ensure that the course grades are entered in the study credit register immediately after the assessments have been made public.

The rights of the students do not always come true, however. With the help of the Message Cat, or Viestikissa, you can let us know of the courses of which you could not give feedback or of course assessments being late. METKA forwards the information to Metropolia, where it is used to develop the system.

What to do if you feel you have not been treated correctly?

Open Viestikissa – Message Cat feedback form