The Student Union METKA guards the interests of all the students of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The essence of trusteeship is in supervising, managing and securing the well-being and studies of the students.

Student well-being includes mental and physical health, financial security, housing and student lunch. In study related matters the quality of education is an important issue in the student unions trusteeship work.

Trusteeship work is done through Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences administrative organs and task groups. Other paths and tools are statements, communicating about student rights and duties and by cooperation with other student unions.

The Student Union METKA helps the students in tricky situations and defends the rights of the students and acts as counsel in negotiations with the school staff. Contact us in all situations where you need help or information!

Contact information

Nelli Pihlasviita
Member of the board, advocacy
050 355 5108

Otto Rosenlund
Member of the board, advocacy
050 355 5283

Matti Tujula
Advocacy Specialist
Student Council
045 267 0828