SELL Games 2013

The SELL Student Games 2013 were held in Riga, the capital of Latvia between May 24 and 26. SELL games is a student sports event between Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Students from all over the world participate in the games and spend time together.

Our trip started in the early hours of the 25th of May. We took a ferry to Tallinn and where the “Taisto”-buses that would take us to Latvia were waiting. Joining us were other students from Helsinki metropolitan area. Metropolia itself was represented by one floorball team, two badminton player and one shot putter. We certainly could have had more participants but the timing of the Games apparently wasn’t the best for finnish students.

The games were held in Latvias capital Riga. There many venues for different sports, but most of them were near the city centre and easy to travel to. After registering and receiving our participants badges and meal tickes, we headed toward our hostel. After settling in, some of us left for a tour of the city with our very own guide Monvids Zvaigzne, who took care of us during the trip. An amazing guy!

On the first day of the games all of Metropolia’s participants faced their first challenges. Our floorball team’s first opponent was the Latvian national team and admittedly, they were pretty darn good. :D We got our asses kicked but we did have fun too! Badminton and shot putting didn’t go quite as well as we hoped either and we were left without medals.

METKA’s board member Noora was the only female in any of the floorball teams in the games. This gathered some attention and we had to ask for special permission to let her play from the main organiser of the games. Even then we had to ask all the opposing teams if they were bothered by this too! Noora was greatly amused by this and claimed ”[she has] balls just like guys! They’re just a bit higher!”

While we didn’t get any medals, the trip was a success. Riga as travel destination is extremely beautiful and we definitely recommend it! The prices are a bit lower than in Finland, especially on the “recovery drinks” we had in the evening. During our short trip we already managed to get ourselves a regular place, a standing bar near our hostel. Priekā!

A big thank you to all participants! It was great trip! Let’s go again next year! We’ll end this post with a few tourist shots of Riga.

Noora Pulli, Member of the Board

Freedom monument


Local means of transportation. ;)





View down a street in the city centre.