Contact the Employees

METKA’s employees are specialists on their own area of expertise. They are there to support the Board in their work and bring stability and continuity to the Student Union’s work.

The e-mail addresses of the employees are formed as

You can also contact all the employees with the address asiantuntijat[at]

Pekka Petäkoski
Executive Director
050 355 5199
ilka-helo_2014_100x133Ilkka Helo
Specialist, Communications
Harassment contact person
045 656 8938
Jaana Paju
Specialist, Member Services
050 350 1603
Matti Tujula
Specialist, Advocacy
Student Counsel
045 267 0828
Kosti Vanninen
Specialist, Guidance and Tutoring
050 3555 752
joonas-kinnunen_S2016_100x133Joonas Kinnunen
Project Coordinator
Zone sports services
050 355 5301
hanna-mari-kiljunen_S2016_100x133Hanna-Mari Kiljunen
Sports Coordinator
Zone sports services
044 761 6976
lotta-v_temp_100x133Lotta Vuorela
Sports services and marketing coordinator
Zone sports services
045 267 0823

Page updated on 3.8.2017