METKA nominates Maria Jokinen for the President of SAMOK!

Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences proudly nominates Maria Jokinen for the president of SAMOK for 2018.

Maria has acted as the chairperson of the board of METKA with being responsible for cooperation and municipal election.

“Samok needs a strong leader who can tolerate insecurity and is able to listen to all student unions with the sensitive ear in challenging conditions in which our lead organisation is in.” Maria outlines. “The student unions together form SAMOK and SAMOK is just as strong as the student unions are.”

“Maria leads METKA with professionalism and for the love to the student movement. She takes any challenge without any hesitation and is not afraid of creating new connections. Cooperation with Maria is easy and productive. Furthermore, she takes the concerns of others into account and comes up with a solution based on them.” Comments Outi Häkkinen, the chairperson of the student parliament.

Maria has acted earlier as the vice chairperson and as a board member the student union board. In addition, she has acted as a board member in an association for culture students. Her own municipal election campaign resulted in seats at equality and bilingualism committees.

Maria is available at the SAMOK summer seminar and she will participate in the SAMOK 2018 candidate panel. You can also meet her at anniversary galas of student unions during the fall. In addition, she is available online and you can follow her campaign in facebook.com/MariaJokinen2018 and in Twitter @mariajjokinen.

More information:

Maria Jokinen
050 355 5045 or maria.jokinen[ät]metkaweb.fi

Campaign manager
Valtteri Markula
050 355 5300 or valtteri.markula[ät]metkaweb.fi

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