Digital student card


You can now get a digital student card that goes everywhere with you on your phone! Download Frank’s app to your phone by visiting the app store via the links below! The app works for Android and iOS phones.

Digital student card is an additional service for the plastic student card that you can take into use and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

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Student discounts on a map

You’ll see the student discounts on a map in the app. This way you’re able to see the discounts closest to you! This feature can be used without a valid student card.


Digital student card

When you have paid your membership fee for the year 2016-2017 or for fall 2016 you are able to activate the digital student card.

You can then demonstrate your student status by showing the digital card from your phone. If you’re a new student you’ll pay the membership when you order the student card. If you’re an experienced student you can renew your sticker either by visiting M-piste or by paying the membership fee to METKA’s account (instructions).



Q: Does the digital student card entitle me to all the same discounts as the plastic card?
A:Digital card has just been launched this fall 2016 and we’re making an effort to make it known everywhere. This means that the digital card may not yet be familiar at some places.

At the moment, HSL accepts the digital student card only at their own service points at Central Railway Station, Eastern Pasila and Itäkeskus.

Q: Can I just order the digital card without the plastic card?
A: At the moment it’s not possible for our members to order the digital card without the plastic card. Digital card is an additional service for the plastic card that doesn’t cost anything extra for you. You also need the plastic card when you’re updating your HSL travel card.

Q: I have a sticker for the 2015-2016 and my membership is still valid. Why can’t I activate Frank’s digital student card?
A: To activate the digital student card you need to have a valid membership for the year 2016-2017 or for the fall semester 2016.

Q: I have paid the membership for fall 2016 but I still can’t activate the digital student card.
A: It takes a while for Frank’s system to get the information of your membership from our register. The activation should work within one day after your membership has been updated. If it still won’t work, contact us.

We mark your membership to our register when you come to pick your sticker. If you’ve paid the membership fee to our account but haven’t yet gotten the sticker the fastest way for your to get the digital card is to send a receipt of the payment to