Technical difficulties on METKA’s member register

METKA’s member register is suffering from technical difficulties. The information about new memberships are not transferring to Frank, the service which provides us with the digital student card and manufactures the plastic student cards.

Due to these problems the following systems are affected:

  • The digital Student card (aka. Frank App) does not identify the membership
  • Logging in to Frank.fi is not possible
  • Ordering a new plastic Student card is not possible

The problem affects the members who have joined the Student Union or renewed their membership from 26 August (estimated). The problem does not affect members, who already have the the plastic student card with a current membership sticker and use it to verify their student status.

We are working to solve the problem as fast as we can and we will inform more as soon as possible.

Please use the following information if you need a student certification urgently:

  • HSL (public transport): You can get a certification for the HSL Travel card from the Students affairs office
  • VR (long distance trains): you can print out a temporary certification (pdf) and get it verified at the Students affairs office
  • Matkahuolto (long distance buses) have their own student card, which you can get with a certification verified by the Students affairs office

We sincerely apologize the delay and any inconvenience it has caused you.


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