Become a Tutor

Awesome – you decided to become a tutor!

“I decided to be a peer tutor because my own tutors were so amazing! When I started my studies I didn’t know anyone from my degree programme or my way around the city. But with their help everything went fine and felt so easy. I wanted to do my part and help the students next year.”’

METKA recruits new tutors two times a year. You can decide for yourself which type of tutoring interests you most, or you can join several forms of tutoring. It is also possible to obtain credits for tutoring.

Upcoming trainings in Spring 2017

Tutor training, Spring 2017

Spring 2017 is comprised of four training sessions: two evening sessions for all tutors, one training session within your own campus and one full Saturday of intensive training.
Each session is held on multiple occasions, but trainees should primarily attend the sessions they have been assigned to.
Please note that while the other sessions are identical in content, the Intensive Day differs depending on your form of tutoring. Exchange tutors are instructed ONLY on the Intensive Day on 6.5.!

Evening Session 1
mon 27.2. at 17-20 (training in Finnish)
wed 1.3. at 17-20 (training in Finnish)
tue 7.3. at 17-20
thu 9.3. at 17-20

Evening Session 2
mon 13.3. at 17-20 (training in Finnish)
wed 15.3. at 17-20 (training in Finnish)
tue 21.3. at 17-20
thu 23.3. at 17-20

Campus Day
The schedule for the Campus training day will be provided by your campus head tutor.

Practical Day (Tukholmankatu campus)
sat 1.4. at 8.30-17 (training in Finnish)
sat 8.4. at 8.30-17 (training in Finnish)
sat 6.5. at 8.30-17 (english peer tutors + exhange tutors!)

Note: You only have to attend each session once.

If you have any questions about becoming a tutor or the tutor trainings, please contact your degree programme’s head tutor or METKA’s staff for tutoring at tutor(ät)