Exchange Tutoring

Are you interested in other cultures? Do you know Helsinki region as your own pockets? Are you planning to have an exchange period yourself? Now it’s your possibility to become an exchange tutor for all those exchange students who come to Finland from all over the world!

Exchange tutors will take care of exchange students who come to study at Metropolia and help them manage the transition into a new culture. They pick up the new students from the airport or harbor, take them to their HOAS apartment and show them around their neighborhood and campus. In addition, exchange tutors will arrange a variety of recreational activities to make the exchange students’ time in Finland exciting and special.

Working with exchange students is a great preparation for your own exchange period abroad. As an exchange tutor you will also get a chance to practice your language skills, get better in intercultural understanding and communicating with others, develop your performing, guidance and organizing skills, and last but not least feel the warmth of helping others and make new friends!

Any Metropolia student with a satisfactory level of English can become an exchange tutor. The language of instruction at exchange tutor trainings and other meetings is always English. You can also get credits for exchange tutoring!

For more information about exchange tutoring please contact:

METKA’s member of the board Nea-Maria Törmänen
tel. 050 355 5516
METKA’s member services specialist Jaana Paju
050 350 1603

When you decide you want to become an exchange tutor, please check the page “Become a tutor” for information of our trainings!