For New Student

The student union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, METKA, welcomes you to study at Metropolia!

This page includes important information and useful links concerning studying and getting started with your student life, ranging from the contact information of different parties to the dates of free time activities.


Most of the students who come to study at Metropolia live in the student apartments of the Foundation for Student Housing HOAS. HOAS rents apartments for full-time students who study for a degree at a secondary level educational institution. HOAS has different types of student apartments: shared apartments, studios, family apartments, friend apartments and small two-room apartments. The apartments are not furnished. HOAS has apartments in several different locations in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. You can submit your application on the website of HOAS.

You can get student discounts with a student card from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre and decorate your home in an affordable way. Check the discounts at one of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre’s stores.

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You can find most of the information on the Helsinki metropolitan region’s public transport on the website of HSL. After you have started your studies you can, with your student card or your school’s study certificate, get the student discount for your travel card. Students who are 30 years old and up need to also present a favorable decision for receiving student aid. Please note that you can’t get the discounts before you have started your studies and you have a student card or the needed certificates from your school.

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Studying at a university of applied sciences

You will find out the usual conventions of studying at a university of applied sciences on the first study semester. In possible problem situations you can get help from the staff, tutors and by contacting METKA. On the Contact section of METKA’s web pages you can find more information on METKA’s employees and members of the board.

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Student union

You can find more information on METKA’s trusteeship work done for Metropolia students on these pages. During autumn you will meet the student actives and employees of the student union in numerous different events and the student union information session held for new students.

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Student card and student benefits

As a student of a university of applied sciences you are entitled to an official student card. The student card is the membership card of the student union. By joining the student union you will get a student card which entitles you to different discounts and benefits.

You can order the student card already in summer but we can give it to you only after you have accepted your study place. Ordering the card well in advance will ensure that you will get it faster.

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Free time and student life

Student life is much more than just sitting in the classroom and participating in exams. METKA offers a variety of events throughout the year.

Exercise keeps both your mind and body energetic and keeps you going. The student union’s sports selection includes a wide range of interesting sports and you will surely find many that you want to try.

Are you interested in club activities? We would like to hear if you are eager to participate in club activities or if you have any new ideas. You can also found a new club around a theme you are interested in. We will help you inform people about the club and with reserving a space for the club.

The student associations of your study field arrange different activities independently and also in co-operation with the student union. You can read more about local student associations on these pages and each association’s own web pages.


If you still have any questions before the beginning of your studies, contact us! You can send an e-mail to the tutor of your own field (check the head tutors’ contact information) or directly to METKA’s e-mail address metka[at] Please note that it can take a while to get a reply during summer holiday season in July.

You can find useful information for a new student in the New Student’s Guide which is available as a PDF file.