Metropolia’s Board of Directors has decided today Thu 21.2.2019 in its meeting that Leppävaara campus operations will be closed from Monday 4.3.2019 onwards, and thus Metropolia will move its operations away from Leppävaara campus. During 25.2.-3.3.2019, there will not be any contact teaching, but the teaching is implemented through special arrangements that utilize independent and e-learning.

“The situation at Leppävaara campus has not changed from the previous notice. The decision to discontinue our operations is not based on any new knowledge, but on maximizing our students and staff members security. In practice, this means that Metropolia will no longer continue to teach on the campus, but all teaching will be handled through special arrangements until moving to temporary relocation”, says President, CEO Riitta Konkola.

The students will receive detailed information on the practical implementation of teaching in week 9 directly from the degree programmes concerned.

A solution regarding the temporary relocation facilities is currently looked into. More detailed guidance on the facilities is coming in week 9. The students can pick up their personal items from the campus before the campus is closed on 4.3.2019.

The students and staff will be regularly informed about the situation and the teaching arrangements. The official communication channel is Metropolia’s intranet OMA. Please follow the general and workspace releases.

Questions & answers about campus changes (requires signing in OMA)

Info session at Leppävaara Campus 15.2.2019 (requires signing in OMA)

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Janne Salonen
Head of Department
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Jorma Säteri
Head of Department
Real Estate and Building Services

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