The search for student representatives in Metropolia for 2020 has been opened. Application submission time started 23.9. and will last for four weeks until 20.10. The election announcement has been published at METKAs web page.

There are 73 open positions as student representative. Every student in Metropolia is free to apply as student representative. Most representative positions require fluent Finnish knowledge but there are some that can be attended in English also. Accurate information about positions and language requirements are available at METKAs web page

Student representatives job is to bring students viewpoints to the decision making in Metropolia UAS. The job requires attending between 1-5 meetings or seminars yearly. An active representative can have an impact also outside the meetings. Student representative gets support and training in his or her job.

Student representatives are an essential part of METKAs advocacy and interest watching. We try to make it rewarding for students also. If you know a suitable person please tell her or him about possibility to apply as student representative. Also teachers can encourage or recommend students to apply.

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