Student Representation

You may apply to become a student representative primarily by filling in an internet form on METKA’s homepage.


Eligible are all students of the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Membership of the Student Union is not required. The Student Representative must maintain eligibility during the term of the organ. If the student graduates before the end of the term, s/he must notify the Student Union so that a new search for a student representative may be opened.

The Advisory Council may only include students from its own Programme. If the Advisory Council is a joint one for several Programmes, students of all Programmes represented by the Council may apply, unless there are separate representatives for each Programme, in which case that is mentioned in the call.  (For example, the Advisory Board of Information Technology may only accept IT students.)

The Faculty Management Group consists of representatives from the Faculty in question. (For example the Faculty Management Group of Health Care and Nursing may accept students of Nursing, Radiography and Radiotherapy, or Biomedical Laboratory Science etc.)

The Board of Directors of Metropolia, Financial Aid Committee, Board of Justice and Board of Examiners may accept all students of Metropolia University of Applied Science.

Notice!  The working language in most of the groups is Finnish, so in order to represent fluent Finnish is usually a requirement.

Student Representative Elections

Student representatives are elected by the Student Union Parliament in its meeting after the application period. All applicants will be informed of the time of the meeting.

All applicants may present themselves in the METKA Student Parliament meeting which elects the Student Representatives.

More information

Sakari Tuomisto
Specialist, Advocacy
045 267 0828

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