The executive board of Student Union METKA chose 19 student representatives to the study programmes negotiation groups and 2 to the Manager Forum for the year 2020 at its meeting on 16.12.2019.

The student representatives are an important part of students’ and METKA’s interest watching in Metropolia. They represent students’ viewpoints and ideas in Metropolia’s decision making. As a student union, METKA has no accurate knowledge on every study programme’s challenges and situation. Active and motivated student representatives are needed to bring in the personal experience on studying at Metropolia.

METKA thanks every applicant who showed interest and motivation towards representing common interests, and wishes luck for all of the chosen student representatives.

Many student representative positions remain empty for the year 2020. The search remains open and all applications will be regarded in the order they arrive in. METKA’s goal is still to fill all of the student representative positions.

Chosen student representatives:

Most of the negotiation groups (neuvottelukunta) currently operate in Finnish and they do not have an English official name.


  • Essi Lumme
  • Nimo Samatar

Ajoneuvotekniikan neuvottelukunta

  • Tiia Anttonen
  • Kari Leskinen

Bio- ja kemiantekniikan neuvottelukunta

  • Juulia Ahvenniemi
  • Elina Helminen

Konetekniikan neuvottelukunta

  • Joni Rämä

Konservoinnin neuvottelukunta

  • Kristiina Kuisma
  • Maria Enqvist

Muotoilun neuvottelukunta

  • Roosa Hursti

Musiikin neuvottelukunta

  • Maija Rautasuo
  • Sofia Junttila

Osteopatian neuvottelukunta

  • Olli Mykkänen

Radiografian ja sädehoidon neuvottelukunta

  • Katrine Rokkanen
  • Maija Häkkinen

Sosiaalialan neuvottelukunta

  • Mira Qvist

Suun terveydenhuollon neuvottelukunta

  • Susanna Haapala (vice member)

Sähkö- ja automaatiotekniikan neuvottelukunta

  • Aija Tolvanen
  • Juho Perkinen

Talotekniikan neuvottelukunta

  • Kiia Wilander

Terveydenhoitotyön neuvottelukunta

  • Linnea Lindfors

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