Severe damage has been found from the Leppävaara campus building in the latest measurements on 12 February 2019. As the owner of the building, the City of Espoo will decide on the prohibition of the use of the building next Monday. All functions of Leppävaara campus will be moved to other premises during the Spring semester. The Student Union of Metropolia METKA sees the prohibition of use of the Leppävaara campus as a required safety measure, but is very concerned about study arrangements during the evacuation phase.

“Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the City of Espoo have to provide students proper studying spaces and equipment and make sure that the quality of teaching does not suffer. The laboratory premises need to be available for teaching. If on-the-location studies are substituted with distance education, the quality of teaching and the teachers’ skills in distance education pedagogy must be assured. Students enrolled in full-time studies cannot be demanded to focus their studies on evening time. If contact teaching is moved to the three existing campuses, Metropolia must assure that the students do not need to use unreasonable amount of time for travelling between the campuses and, for example, skip their lunch breaks. The views of the students need to be taken into account even more than before”, states METKA’s Chairperson Linda Lindgren.

Helsinki 15 February 2019

Linda Lindgren
Chairperson of the Board
Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

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