METKA is looking for a student representative for the Board of Directors of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

The term of office of the student representative is from the Annual General Meeting of the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, held in May 2019, to the Annual General Meeting in May 2020. All present and absent students of Metropolia are eligible, ie they can apply for a place at the Board. Working in the Board requires fluent Finnish skills.

The Board decides, among other things, on the key objectives and the economy of Metropolia, strategy, operational and financial plans, budget, the rules of Metropolia and selects and removes the rector.

Working in the Board requires a readiness to familiarize yourself with the very wide range of matters the Board deals with, the ability to negotiate and the readiness to raise the student’s perspective to discussion and decision-making.  The Board meets approximately once a month. The Metropolia Board of Directors has nine members. In addition to one one student representative and one employee representative, the Board has 7 members who are elected by Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, the three largest owners of Metropolia.

The deadline for applying for the Board is 5.3. – 2.4.2019. The selection criteria include the knowledge and skills appropriate to the task, past experience of similar tasks, activity and commitment to the task.

METKA’s Student Parliament will decide on the representative to be elected to the Board at its meeting on April 17, 2018. The meeting starts at 5 pm. It is hoped that applicants will present themselves at the meeting, after which the Student Parliament will interview the applicants. Applicants will be informed of the selection by email the day after the meeting. The Annual General Meeting of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences confirms its election at its May meeting.

You can apply for a place electronically by completing an electronic application form (unfortunately only in Finnish) or by sending a written application form to:

Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta – METKA
PL 4060
00079 Metropolia


Matti Tujula
Advocacy specialist
045 267 0828


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