Summer is just around the corner and now is a great time to look back on what happened along the spring. Our active students around the campuses have made such a big effort by throwing amazing events and participating in tutoring and guarding students’ rights.

We at METKA have worked intensively towards creating a more profound student culture and we’re about to continue on that path as autumn comes. A big thank you for all our members out there, you are the ones who make the development of the student culture for Metropolia possible. There’s a lot to do but we as METKA’s board and employees are ready to accept the challenge. Before the autumn I advise everyone to enjoy the coming summer to the fullest and charge batteries for autumn’s adventures. METKA thanks everyone for the spring!

Valtteri Markula
METKA’s vice chairperson


  • You should definitely renew your METKA membership now! By using 12 euros of your money you’ll get the membership and all the amazing student discounts till the end of September. >> METKA’S SPRING MEMBERSHIP CAMPAING 
  • Students’ financial aid changes on 1 August 2017, as students will switch to general housing allowance. >> CHANGES TO STUDY GRANTS 
  • A good way to end semester: Good friends and music at Kesäheila Kaivolta. Check it out! >> KESÄHEILA PARTY 
  • Sport Season is almost over but there are still some great courses for summer like Supping and Summerbootcamp. Autumn’s schedule for instructed classes will be out in June and next season starts again at 11.9. >> SUMMER FEELINGS 
  • METKA, Helga ja Laureamko go together to Extremerun! Join us! >> EXTREMERUN
  • The city bikes are here again and now on larger area! Check where the closest bike station is from your campus! >> CITYBIKES & METROPOLIA
  • Metka Cafe is open on Tukholmankatu to 2 June and on Bulevardi to 16 June. On good weather the Bulevardi summer terrace is also open! The cafes will open again on August to serve you on the Autumn semester. >> METKA CAFE 

Benefits with the student card

  • METKA members get tickets to the running event Extremerun 20.5. with a 50 % discount. Running’s definitely worth it, especially this time. >> EXTREMERUN 
  • Train away with student friendly prices during your summer trips. The discounts are naturally valid during other times too. >> VR’S STUDENT DISCOUNTS 
  • LeBonk offers free entry to the Kattoklubi! As METKA’s member you (+avec) get free entry to the popular Kattoklubi if you arrive before 23.30. Kattoklubi’s opening is 20.5. so grab your friend and start your summer with style! >> LEBONK’S KATTOKLUBI 

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