Frequently Asked Questions

This page is updated on September 2019. If you don’t find answer to your questions, please contact us at!

I am starting my studies at Metropolia UAS in fall/spring. When and how do I get my student card?

Metropolia students can choose between digital student card or physical plastic student card, or use both. Digital student card is on Tuudo App, which you can download from you app store for free. In order to validate your student card, you need your personal login information to Metropolia systems; this is given to you during the first day of studies. In addition, Tuudo includes also METKA Membership Card.

We are currently renewing the systems for ordering a plastic student card, and information how to order one is updated on our website as soon as the technical process is secured and ready to use. This will most likely happen after summer 2019.

In short: new students can use digital student card from the first day of studies.

I am trying to join METKA in OMA but it shows my old address / last name when paying. What should I do?

Check if you can change your information in OMA. If not, email Metropolia Student Services, The information that OMA shows is retrieved from Metropolia register, and we cannot change the information by hand.

I have already a plastic student which I have order from METKA. What do I need to validate it?

To validate a plastic student card, you will need to visit us at our member service and get a sticker for the card. Your METKA membership fee must be paid before we can give you the sticker. Membership can be paid either in OMA (Metropolia intranet) or by card at merber service points. We recommend using OMA!

How long the sticker is valid?

There are two types of stickers: it is valid either to the end of September or January. If there’s text “9/2019” on the sticker, it will be valid until 30.9.2019. Similarly, “1/2020” is valid until 31.1.2020.The validation functions based on academic year, not calendar year.

Do I need to buy METKA membership, if I want to order plastic student card?

Shortly: yes. All UAS students order their student cards via their student union, which for Metropolia students is METKA. Plastic student card has two functions: it is both a national student card, and it also shows you are eligible for METKA member benefits. Digital student card in Tuudo is available for all Metropolia students without student union membership.

By joining METKA, you are eligible for exclusive benefits, cheaper event tickets and you’ll get Zone Sports Services for free. Most importantly, your membership fee supports our student advocacy work.

I have studied in another university before, and I already have one plastic card. I am now starting my studies at Metropolia. Do I need to order a new plastic card?

Yes. METKA cannot give stickers to other student cards than those with METKA logo, as the card validates also METKA membership. We accept all old Metropolia student cards. If you are not sure if you need to order a new card, take a picture of your current one and send it to METKA Member Service Specialist Paavo Nisula, paavo.nisula(at)

Do I get the same discounts with digital and plastic student cards?

Yes! Both are equally valid.

Can I get only digital student card?

Sure! You’ll find both your digital student card and METKA Membership Card on Tuudo. You can also use Pivo student card!

Do I need any other certification to get HSL student discount other than student card (digital or plastic)?

Nope! In order to update your existing HSL Travel Card or get a new one, you need only to have a valid plastic student card or valid Tuudo digital card. Remember to take your ID though!

I want overalls, what to do?

Contact your own student association! Their contact info are here:

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