Join us and become a part of the student community!

As a member of METKA you will get

You can choose the membership for the whole academic year or for one semester at a time.

Joining as a member

You can join the student union by paying the membership fee.

You need your student number to join the student union. The number is given you on the first days when you start your studies at Metropolia.

Membership fees:

There are three ways to complete the membership payment:

  • In OMA or
  • By visiting our service points either in Bulevardi, Leiritie or in Arabia or
  • at METKA on Tour (September and October)


Completing the payment in OMA

The payment option in OMA is out of use until 31.5.2018!

  1. Go to Student’s Desktop in OMA and find the section “Membership of Student Union METKA”
  2. Click “Pay the membership”
  3. Select the amount you are going to pay from the left corner
  4. Check that your contact details are correct and click “Tallenna”
  5. Check that the payment amount is correct and click “”Siirry verkkomaksuun”
  6. Choose a suitable payment option for yourself and complete the payment
  7. Congratulations, you are now METKA’s member! After a few working days you can log in to and either order the traditional plastic student card or activate the digital student card Frank app.
Video instructions for completing the payment in OMA

Liity tai tarkista METKAn jäsenyys OMAssa! // Join METKA or check your membership status in OMA!

METKAan liittyminen tai jäsenmaksun maksaminen onnistuu nyt myös kätevästi OMAssa! Oiskelijan työpöydältä löydät "Opiskelijakunta METKAn jäsenyys" nimisen laatikon ja alta voit katsoa step-by-step video-ohjeet maksuominaisuuden käyttämiseen.//Now you can join METKA or check your membership status also in OMA! From the Student's Desktop you will find a section with the name "Membership of Student Union METKA" and below you can watch step-by-step instructions about how to make the payment.

Julkaissut Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta (METKA) Perjantai 23. maaliskuu 2018


Plastic student card

You can also order the plastic student card from the card provider Frank. Please be patient and wait a few working days for your membership information to transfer to Frank after completing the membership payment.

Remember to to collect a valid academic year sticker for the student card after you have received it. Otherwise it will not be valid. You can collect the stickers from M-piste in Bulevardi and during METKA’s campus tours, for example. When collecting the sticker, please bring a receipt of your payment with you or show screenshot of your payment.

Please note that you must be a member of METKA before you can order the card!


The student card may cost:

  • Danske bank student card Free (Needs account in Danske bank)
  • Digital studentcard 2.90€ / 12 months
  • Traditional plastic student card 16,10 €
  • International student card aka the ISIC-license +15 €

Please note that the additional costs will be payed while ordering the card.

You can examine the card options on the Frank website after you are able to log into the site.

This post is also available in Suomi.