Student card

The official mark of the student status is the student card! In Metropolia you can get the student card by joining the student union METKA.

A valid student card is the easiest way to prove your student status

  • On long distance trains
  • When updating your student status at HSL service points
  • At student cafeterias

With the student card you also get hundreds of student discounts all around Finland. With the international student card you get access to discounts abroad aswell! Check out the available discounts here!

The digital student card is available for both iOS and Android users. You download the Frank App from Google Play and Apple stores.


Uusi opiskelija

Order the student card, get your academic year sticker and get access to all the student discounts and benefits available!

Step by step instructions:

1. Join as a member of METKA

2. Instal Frank App. It takes a few working days for the membership payment to register and for the information to transfer from METKA to Frank. .

3. Now you have the access for the student benefits!

If you would also like to have the traditional plastic student card, make the following actions:

4. Check the card options availbale on the Frank website. Note! You can access the site a few working days after you have paid the membership fee,

5. Order your student card from the same site!

Renew your membership

You can renew your membership by

  • Paying the membership fee online
  • Visiting M-piste (cash or card) or during our campus tours!

The validity date on your digital student card will update a few working days after you have made payment.

Please remeber to retrieve a semester sticker if you have a traditional plastic student card. The stickers are available at M-piste, from certain student associations or during METKA’s campus tours.

This post is also available in Suomi.