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In the assembly meeting today, on the 21st of November 2018, the Student Parliament elected the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Student Parliament. In addition, the Student Parliament voted for the new Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Board as well elected 5
 Board members.

The Chairperson of the Student Parliament for the year 2019 is Hanna Kivimäki (Metropolian kulttuurialojen opiskelijat – Kupla) and the Vice-Chairperson of the Student Parliament is Linnea Leinonen (Super Sote).

The Chairperson of the Board is Linda Lindgren and the Vice-Chairperson of the Board is Kiia Wilander. The following people were voted to the Board of METKA: Jani Mastola, Susanna Ronkainen, Ronja Stiles Anni Tilli ja Anu Toljamo. There were 7 candidates in total for the Board member positions.

The upcoming year is dominated by several elections and Metropolia’s continuing campus moves. These matters involve the student union especially and require activity in making sure the students voice is heard.” states the newly elected Chairperson of the Board Linda Lindgren.

The Student Parliament also elected Linda Lindgren as the student union representative in Opiskelijapalvelut Oy for 2019 as well as Kiia Wilander as the vice representative.

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METKA’s Chairperson of 2018
Valtteri Markula

METKA’s Chairperson of 2019
Linda Lindgren

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