Study wellness advisors, psychologists and educational priests at Metropolia

Metropolia’s Student Welfare Services and university chaplains will support you also during the coronavirus situation. Due to the exceptional circumstances, counseling and discussions are currently provided remotely.

“Contact us, we will make it through also this together’’, comment the university chaplains at Metropolia.

Schedule an appointment with the university chaplains via email.

The university chaplains

Metku-kissa kahvikupin kanssa / Metku the cat with a cup of coffee

Metropolia in Espoo:

Jyri Hakala
tel. 040 513 4363,

Metropolia in Helsinki:

Tiina Kaaresvirta
tel. 050 567 7394,

Metropolia in Vantaa:

Hanna Similä
tel. 050 420 1540,

Jukka-Mikko Karjalainen
tel. 050 581 0593,

Wellbeing advisors and Counselling psychologists:

More info at:

Metku-kissa kahvikupin kanssa / Metku the cat with a cup of coffee

Primarily students of Helsinki campuses:

Students Welbeing Advisor –  Maarika Kortelainen
cel. 040 714 5111 (Make an appointment by email)

Primarily students of the Espoo and Vantaa campuses:

Students Welbeing Advisor – Maria Sukselainen
+358 40 834 2940 (Make an appointment by email)

Student Psychologist – Paula Aarnio
040 578 0319 (Appointment by email)

Checklist for students by Metropolia’s well-being and mental health specialists:

  • Don’t be left alone with your worries.
  • Calm your mind, follow trusted sources of information
  • Find a way to connect with your loved ones and get support.
  • We’re here for you.

Feel free to contact Metropolia’s student wellness specialists!

Nyyti Chat

Nyyti ry is a national Finnish non-profit organisation founded in 1984. The purpose of Nyytis operations is to support students’ mental health and ability to study. They aim to improve students’ study skills and ability to cope with everyday life as well as related peer activities.

Nyyti Ry organizes a chat session about coronavirus anxiety for students on 19.3. at 18-20. It can help to cope with your anxiety when you share it with others. Feel free to share your concerns in Nyyti Chat, and talk to fellow students and Nyyti staff about how to ease coronavirus anxiety. Group chats are open to all students without registration. The conversation is anonymous.

Nyyti staff member is present at the chat.

You can find the chat in the chat section on Nyyti website. The dates and topics of other chats in the spring season are also listed there.  You can enter the chat on Thursday 19.3. here:

METKAs Chat – chat with your student union

Student Union METKA will be on call on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm on chat. We encourage you to approach the Student Union in a chat, as much as you do. The chat is variably on call by the METKA Board of Directors, experts and CEO.

We do our best to give advice, guide and support Metropolia students in the METKA chat.

You can find the chat both on our website and METKA in Tuudo. Just click the Chat with us -button.

This post is also available in Suomi.