Student Union METKA is following closely coronavirus epidemic. METKA will act according to the guidelines given by Metropolia and other authorities.

Student guidelines in Metropolia

Metropolia has decided on guidelines regarding coronavirus that concerns everyone in Metropolia, both students and staff. The guidelines give instructions for example traveling, hygiene and what to do if you suspect you have been exposed to coronavirus. The guidelines state:

“Any student who suspects symptoms related to coronavirus must contact their local health care center by phone or via web. Do not come to the campus.”

Complete guidelines are in Oma Intranet. You can access them via link on the front page. The guidelines are updated when new information comes.

Kuva Metropolian intranet-sivusta, jossa korostettu kuvake korona-ohjeistukseen / A screen shot from Metropolia intranet with highlighting around a link to corona-instructions

Corona instructuins are available at Intranet oma. METKA follows thesew guidelines too.

Student events

Finnish government released an announcement today concerning large events. METKA is currently waiting an official statement by Regional State Administrative Agency. The changes in organizing METKA events will be announced as soon as the authorities’ decisions come to light. METKA has not yet made decisions about its events. The discussion continues early next week.

METKA follows the situation

METKA is in on-going contact with SAMOK, following the situation. The goal is to be prepared and keep all students up-to-date in case of any changes. For now, studies and teaching continue as usual. METKA recommends everyone to cover nose and mouth when coughing and to wash hands with soap regularly.

This post is also available in Suomi.