The Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences METKA has chosen Sakari Tuomisto as Advocacy Specialist. He has started working at METKA on 13.8.2019.

The Advocacy Specialist represents students in the administration and different committees inside the Metropolia UAS and acts as appointed student counsel. The field of responsibility also includes promotion of students interests in the fields of educational, social and municipal politics and decision making.

I am motivated in and excited about my new diverse work concerning students interests and advocacy services. I get to learn a lot and give my contribution for important common goals.

Earlier Sakari has been working in the Parliament as an assistant to a MP and part-time secretary in educational politics. He has experience in student movement as a member of the executive board of Student Union of the University of Vaasa and as a Vice Chairperson of Center Party’s Student Union.

More information:
Sakari Tuomisto
045 267 0828

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