Today on the 2nd of April 2020, the minister of Education Li Andersson and the minister of Science and Culture Hanna Kosonen spoke about already made and upcoming decisions on studies, student benefits and many other issues that concern students. METKA wants to thank the ministers for their decisions and for taking the situation of students into account under these exceptional circumstances.

Recent decisions in favor of students:

  • The study grant is available, even if studies are not progressing sufficiently due to the corona epidemic
  • Additional study grant months can be obtained if the corona epidemic has delayed studies
  • The goal is that no one loses their student loan compensation because of the corona epidemic
  • Dismissed students are temporarily entitled to unemployment benefits
  • Students can also receive social assistance during their studies during summer break as well
  • KELA-supported student meals can be purchased at the student restaurants as a takeaway or delivery
  • The health and safety of student applicants will be taken into account in the entrance examination arrangements. Student selections prepare for different scenarios

The minister for Science and Culture in charge of higher education institutions, Hanna Kosonen, highlighted the difficulties faced by students with reduced summer job opportunities, internship cancellations and arrangements in the teaching of various programs. She highlighted laborations, simulations, and other forms of teaching that require special facilities as examples. Andersson, minister of Education, drew attention to credit assessment and spoke about a process to prepare guidelines. The ministers also emphasized the importance of supporting student resilience and mentoring in these times.

Students have longed for answers and support in this rapidly changing situation. Because of this, the ministers’ understanding and recognition of the concerns are now of importance. METKA encourages the ministers to continue monitoring the situation of students and to hear their concerns regarding their livelihoods and studies

METKA advocacy team members Nimo Samatar, Tekla Kosonen and Janne Levänen

Students’ concerns and problems have been important and have increased rapidly. The student union METKA has gotten information about students concerns through direct contacts, social media groups, numerous meetings, student representatives and student associations at the institution of higher education.

During the last weeks, the most important task of the student movement has been to bring forward the challenges faced by students and finding solutions to the challenges.

METKA and our umbrella organisation SAMOK have succeeded in opening and strengthening important links with the management of the institutions of higher education, the authorities, the Ministry and Kela, who in return have heard the addressed concerns. So far, the cooperation has been important and valuable, with still lots of work to do.

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