The study conditions at the Metropolia Karamalmi campus have been inadequate this autumn. These facilities do not enable students to study full-time on campus, nor are they comfortable or encouraging for students to study in these facilities. This has led to students’ decline in their wellbeing and motivation to study. Also Metropolia’s reputation has declined because of these reasons.

Since the closure of Metropolia’s Leppävaara campus, some of Leppävaara’s students have been studying in the temporarily facilities on Karamalmi campus. Instead of classrooms, students must study in the open office like rooms that have been separated by room dividers. Student services have also been inadequate on Karamalmi campus.

The situation in Karamalmi has been contrary to METKA’s views of what we believe students should have for a reasonable study environment. We believe, that Metropolia’s campuses must have, for example, functional rooms for teaching and studying independently, comfortable lounges, social facilities, student services and proper dining facilities. These facilities are a part of a modern learning environment.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Student Union, METKA has followed the situation of the Metropolia Karamalmi campus for this past autumn. Unfortunately, the situation has not been brought to a tolerable level, even after small renovations done by Metropolia. Metropolia has failed to provide a good study environment for students on Karamalmi campus. However, METKA acknowledges there were hardly any alternative solutions better than Karamalmi for Lepäävaara campus’s former students.

Together with The Engineering Students of Uusimaa, METKA hopes Metropolia would transfer students from Karamalmi to study on other Metropolia capuses, such as Myyrmäki and Myllypuro. This would ensure students to get better student services they need in order to study efficiently.  In addition, Metropolia should look into the actual utilization rate of the campuses, as classrooms are often unnecessarily reserved and left unused.

In 2019 METKA has prepared its own campus goals; a guideline that will be used in METKA’s advocacy of students’ rights. We want to continue to make a difference in Metropolia by representing the students’ perspective in solving issues regarding campuses.


Linda Lindgren
Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta
Chairperson of METKA’s Board 2019

Silja Kario
The Engineering Students of Uusimaa
Chairperson 2019

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