The coronavirus pandemic has affected the conditions for students’ financial aids in Kela, such as study grant, study loan and basic social assistance. Check the updated conditions and your income for the summer months.

The conditions have been changed temporarily so that currently students do not need to get student loan first as an eligibility requirement for basic social assistance. Moreover, getting a loan may actually lead to the situation where student is not eligible for social assistance, as the loan would be seen as income that affects the calculations.

In addition, students do not need to give extra reports on their study progress or work.

The temporary conditions are in effect during summer months, until the start of academic year 2020-2021.

Study aid conditions have also been temporarily updated. If the studies do not progress in a satisfactory level due to coronavirus epidemic, it may still be paid. It is also possible to get extra study aid months. Thus, the coronavirus epidemic will be an acceptable reason for delayed studies in terms of Kela.

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