The Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences METKA nominates Tiina Anttonen for the Vice-
chairperson ofthe Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) for 2019.

Anttonen is currently a member of METKA Board, where their areas of expertise include sports, tutoring and event
organization. Tiina’s responsibilities have included e.g. organizing MetroSport, the largest sports and well-being event aimed exclusively for students, and working as a member in OLL’s membership service design group.

Anttonen, 26, lives in Vantaa and she studies Physical Therapy at the Metropolia UAS. During her studies, Tiina has
been an active member both in her study field student association and student union board. In addition, she has been
a student representative in several teams and task groups as an advocate for student matters. She is efficient, dynamic and a social team player who is motivated by new challenges.

“2019 is the year for action! As there are several meaningful elections held in Finland in 2019, we need to work hard
with sports policy advocacy, both nationally and internationally. While doing this, OLL has to take into account and
support all its members in the diverse higher education field in Finland. In addition, OLL should emphasize the development of member services and put them into action successfully”, states Tiina.

Anttonen is present at the OLL General Assembly in Pajulahti on November 8 and 9, 2018. Before that, she is available by email, phone and social media.

Contact details

Tiina Anttonen
phone 0503555516

Campaign manager
Valtteri Markula
phone 0503555300

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