If you are looking for a summer job abroad or if you just got interested this is a possibility worth noting. League of Finnish-American Societies (SAM) offers a summer job for fifty 21 to 26-year-old university students in The United States next summer. 

Summer job are a part of SAMs summer job program that offers young students international working experience and possibilities to widen their view of the world. It  is possible to make up to 4000 Euros during the work trip and also spend a month travelling around the States.  

The application process is simple according to SAM and there is no need to finance the trip with student benefits because the student gets paid for the work. The application time is open till 31.1.2020. More information is available in the Internet at:  

https://samsuomi.fi/kesatyo-yhdysvalloissa/  (in Finnish)

https://samsuomi.fi/posti/7-syyta-osallistua-ja-kartuttaa-kansainvalista-kokemusta-samn-kesatyoohjelman-kautta/(in Finnish)

https://samsuomi.fi/activities/ (In English)

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