Now that Vappu and its parties are going on, it’s an excellent time to remind ourselves about first aid. Take care of each other and remember to drink water and eat well! <3

If you see that someone needs help, make sure that they get help! All of us has a responsibility to help others in life-threathening emergency situations as well as we can.

See images how to help unconscious person, and first aid instructions for summer. Images provided by Finnish Red Cross (Samuli Raappana).

Image 1. When you see a collapsed person, find out does he respond to shaking of the shoulders.

Image 2. If he does not wake up, shout for help or dial yourself 112 for the emergency service and follow the instructions given.

Image 3. Pull one arm up, and other to the side.

Image 4. Turn the patient on their back.

Image 5. Check if the patient is breathing normally. Open the airways by lifting the chin upwards and tilting the head back. Check if the person’s chest is rising. Feel and listen the air stream from the mouth and the nose.

Image 6. If the patient breaths, place the nearest arm at right angle to the body. Bring the furthest arm from you across the patient’s chest. Hold the back of their hand against their cheek. Pull up their far leg, just above the knee.

Image 7. Put the patient’s hand under their head so that the head is tilted and airway remains open.

Image 8. Ensure the airway is open, also for eventual wakening, until professional helpers arrive.

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