Did you know that METKA has a harassment contact person?
He helps when a student is facing any sort of harassment.

What is harassment?

Harassment includes all inappropriate behavior starting from calling names and excluding from groups to discrimination and sexual harassment.

What is a harassment contact person?

Harassment contact person is there for every student who feels that he or she is a subject of harassment. He can also be contacted if you see or suspect any other student being harassed. His most important duty is to solve every harassment case or carry them on to further handling .

Who is the harassment contact person?

Rami Hollmérus is the harassment contact person at student union METKA. He works and influences in the administration of UAS Metropolia but can be contacted and talked with without hesitation. Rami has an bachelor level education in social sciences and has earlier experience in challenging situations. He is connected to different officials and experts needed in his work and is prepared to help in every harassment situation.

METKA's harassment contact person Rami Hollmérus

Remember, no one needs to be a subject of harassment.

PS: Rami can occasionally be met at METKAs members service points. Schedules will be announced in METKA information channels.

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