Studying may be mentally burdensome and students mental health may stagger. There is nothing to be ashamed of in that and a student should not be left alone with her or his problems. Metropolia UAS offers services of wellbeing advisors and counselling psychologists for all of the students.

Students are the social group that experiences most mental illnesses and stress in Finland. According to a survey made by the Finnish Student Health service almost one tenth of the students in universities and UASs estimate their mental wellbeing either bad or very bad. At Metropolia students visit counselling psychologist for varying reasons ranging from childhood trauma to panic attacks, relationship problems and occupational uncertainty. The most common reason for a visit is depression.

The counselling psychologists at Metropolian UAS are Paula Aarnio ja Hannu Pesonen and Student welfare advisors are Maarika Kortelainen ja Maria Sukselainen. Their help and services are available for every student at Metropolia. More accurate information can be found at OMA by choosing For students > Welfare >Wellbeing advisors and Counselling psychologists at the top menu.

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