Hello! Do you know where you can influence and build the future of our student community everywhere? We at Metropolia have many ways to make a difference. In this Week’s Tip, we’ll open them up a bit.

Student Representatives in Administration: There are working groups in various fields, which include representatives from students, Metropolia staff, and employers. These are intended to develop the compatibility of sectors and working life.

Representative body: The highest decision-making power of the student body is exercised by a 25-member representative body. The Representative Council consists of students elected in the annual Representative Council elections, who may belong to an election coalition. Representative Council elections will be held in October and November. All members of the student body are eligible to vote.The Representative Council has only decision-making power, the executive power has the Government. The tasks of the Representative Council include: electing the student body’s board of directors and deciding the student’s political lines. As a member of the Representative Council you can influence many things!

Indoor Air and Wellbeing Group: This group meets approximately once a month with participants from METKA and the Student Union, staff from Metropolia and, if needed, for example, on-going renovations. The meeting will hear all parties involved and come up with ways to improve indoor air, for example, in schools. As a member of a student union or student association, you can influence these groups!

City Working Groups: WSC, or World Student Capital, was established over a year ago and includes all student and student unions in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Within the WSC, city groups have been set up, ie Vantaa, Espoo and Helsinki still have their own groups, which meet approximately once a month. METKA is the only student body in each group. The groups do advocacy work for the city council. As a member of METKA’s Board of Directors, you will be able to contribute!

YTHs and Hoas: METKA has its own person in charge of FSHS matters at METKA. Currently, our umbrella association, SAMOK, educates us on FSHS stuff so that we can then communicate it to students and the polytechnic and how we can influence it. We work with Hoas in different ways, for example, they give us the materials and keys for the exchange that comes to Finland for exchange. This fall, the Metropolia also received over 300 exchanges. METKA will lobby towards Hoas if necessary, eg. if we needed more student housing in the Greater Helsinki area. As a member of METKA’s Board of Directors, you can influence the FSHS and Hoas!

Student restaurants: METKA collaborates through student restaurants. We are currently working on getting Tudo to work in the cash register, where you can pay for food on your device using Tuuto. Once a year, the student restaurant organizes a cooking evening for the METKA Board, where they teach board members cooking skills while discussing co-operation patterns.

Opiskelijapalvelut Oy: METKA owns Opiskelijapalvelut Oy, which now has a café in Myllypuro, hopefully we will soon have another in other campus. For the new campus in Myllypuro, there is a beautiful and large café opening on B-Tower, where students can stay and work while having a hunk of coffee. Opiskelijapalvelut Oy also has a catering service. Our awesome and popular cruise to Kaljaasi is also under the Opiskelijapalvelut Oy. Occasionally there are places open for Opiskelijapalvelut Oy, when applying for board members, apply for you too!

Student unions: Metropolia has nine student unions that provide student advocacy and events. METKA works with them, especially in lobbying and organizing events during Vappu Week. Apply for a student association in your field, get involved and make it fun!

METKA: Metropolia University of Applied Sciences’ student union is METKA. At METKA you can get involved with the above mentioned things as well as many other things. As a member of the Board, you can for example organize events, promote member service and advocacy. The Board cooperates with employees. Currently, the Board is divided into teams: advocacy, member service, events and tutoring. You can apply for METKA at the end of the year or if you are applying for a supplement. Board membership is one year long but can also extend for several years if you wish and have a period of study. Did you know that METKA is the largest student union in Finland?

Metropolia: On the Metropolia side, you can influence both the General Forum and the Metropolia Board. Each has its own student representative. The student representative will represent the interests of the students at the meetings and keep in touch with METKA. METKA’s lobbying and the main sector also work closely with Metropolia staff.

Find your own way to influence things, we have a lot of options for it! Contact edunvalvonta@metkaweb.fi if you are interested in knowing more!

Tip of the Week is a weekly recurring tip relating to educational or student welfare issues.

Is there a theme or a subject METKA should tackle or help with? At METKA, lobbying is carried out by a paid lobbying expert and by members of the Board responsible for lobbying. You can reach them at edunvalvonta@metkaweb.fi


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