Have you noticed the brand new advocacy posters on campuses?

With these posters, METKA wants all students to be aware that you have a right to know e.g. how the course is graded, and what you should learn during the course. Learning is a student right as well! Feel free to use the poster contents as a guide in the beginning of your courses: were you told everything you have right to know?

All things mentioned above are defined in the curricula.The curricula can be found in Metropolia Study Guide. In addition, you can read shorter descriptions of course contents, grading guidelines and prerequisites by clicking the course on OMA Student Desktop.

Students and their feedback help to develop the courses. Feedback goes straight to the teacher of the course or to the Head of Degree Programme. Find the form on OMA to give your feedback after course has ended.


Tip of the Week is a weekly recurring tip relating to educational or student welfare issues.

Is there a theme or a subject METKA should tackle or help with? At METKA, lobbying is carried out by a paid lobbying expert and by members of the Board responsible for lobbying. You can reach them at edunvalvonta@metkaweb.fi

This post is also available in Suomi.