METKA advocates student rights both in Metropolia and in national level. In fall semester, METKA is fully immersed into materials and advocation in both SAMOK and OLL General Assemblies.

What is a General Assembly, you may ask?

Both SAMOK and OLL General Assemblies are two-day events, in which the goal is to make decisions on strategy and operations of next year, in addition to electing a board to execute them. The assembly is filled with meetings in which all participating student unions advocate their agendas and try to get others to support them. Speeches are given either for the whole audience or for smaller group of people. Finally, decisions are made by either secret or public ballot.

This week METKA Board is at SAMOK General Assembly advocating policy definitions by METKA Student Parliament. Among the board is also the SAMOK board candidate, Nimo Samatar!

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Is there a theme or a subject METKA should tackle or help you with? At METKA, lobbying is carried out by a paid lobbying expert and by members of the Board responsible for lobbying. You can reach them at

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