Hi student! METKA represents the Metropolia student community at all campuses. We participate in many work shops and decision boards to ensure that the will of the students is heard in all cases.

You can always contact METKA in things related to studies and campuses. You can also participate in open forums, such as “kampusfoorumi” and “kampuskupposet”. The dates are as follows:

Campus forum:

Myyrmäki 4.3 klo 13:30-15:30, B101
Arabia 7.3 klo 9-11
Myllypuro 15.3 klo 9-11, MPA4011

The campus coffee meet up:

Myllypuro 22.2 klo 9-10
Arabia 1.3 klo 9:00-9:30
Myyrmäki 6.3 klo 13-13:30

Possibly also your local METKA figure present =D! See you there!


You can contact METKA on advocay issues through email: edunvalvonta@metkaweb.fi

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