There has been changes in Kela’s benefits, and some of the changes affect students as well.

  • 18-19 year olds living independently may now get the same study grant as others, despite of their parents income
  • Students with underage children get a provider supplement of 75 €/month, regardless the childs/childrens habitual domicile or the number of children
  • The joint pay day for the study grant and the housing supplement is now the first of month or the following business day
  • It will become easier for students to be granted an extension of the maximum period for which financial aid is available as the quantity of uncompleted studies will no longer affect the granting of an extension
  • University financial aid committees have been closed and all decisions will now be made in Kela (no actions required from students)
  • The limits on allowable annual income has been increased by 1%: on months of study grant the allowable income is 667 € and on other months 1 990 €, or for example 11 973 €/year for a student raising study grant nine months a year (was 11 850 €)

The study grant is applied via Kela’s online service at (, only in Finnish and Swedish).

More information in English: Current topics are issued on Kela’s online blog (only Finnish and Swedish) and on the study grant Facebook-page!

This post is also available in Suomi.