City bikes got a bit of snow before the end of their season.

City bikes were a success

Trafix and Palmu Inc Finland gathered a report on city bikes. The seven main observations in the report gave a good impression of the system:

  1. City bikes are overall very liked.
  2. The season fee of 25€ is considered extremely reasonable.
  3. City bikes offer a carefree way of travelling.
  4. City bikes allow a flexible one-way travel option.
  5. The biggest single reasons for not using the system are their low availability especially during rush hour and the mental pressure of the 30 minute timer on their use.
  6. There’s a lot of variation in the use of the bikes and unclear situations for an example with payments or returning bikes to full stations.
  7. A lot of the users for the city bikes are “early adopters” and supporters of urban culture.

On the other hand the report also takes into account user data. The most used stations were located near metro stations and at the Central Railway Station. A lot of the improvement ideas for the system from users focused on getting more bikes and more stations.

One of the greatest points brought up in the report was the societal effects of the system: each euro invested in the system in Helsinki brings back a gain of 3,7 euros!

The report is available in Finnish here.

Espoo: Suggest locations for city bike stations

The city of Espoo is looking for suggestions for locations for city bike stations. You can make suggestions here until the 10th of December 2017.

Biking doesn’t stop in the winter: Tips for winter biking

Even though the city bikes go away for the winter it doesn’t mean you can’t bike in the winter!

Appropriate equipment, a calm manner and ensuring your own visibility are the cornerstones of safe biking.

While riding in the dark, you must have a white or light yellow headlight. The rear light must be red. In addition, reflectors must be placed on the bike in the front, back and sides.

You can read more tips on biking at Liikenneturva’s website.


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