Do you still remember the Message Cat? A student may encounter lots of bigger and smaller problems with their studies, student life, and school. That is why we use a Message Cat, a form to contact the advocacy team of METKA!

The Message Cat delivers all your troubles fast and reliably to the advocacy team. METKA goes through every contact and helps you with the problem. Filling in the form it is good to describe the situation as precisely as possible, but we will also help you with situations you are not completely sure about.

In the end of the form you can give your contact information and check your preferences on whether you would like METKA to contact you via email or on phone. You can also send the form anonymously or tell that you do not wish METKA to contact you.

So whether your problem concerns the quality of education, the course assessment, issues with the staff, practical training, course load, education technology, or anything else, you can make METKA aware of this via the Message Cat. You can find the Message Cat here.


This post is also available in Suomi.