FSHS extension

Your health care changes from 1.1.2021

In this article you’ll find in a nutshell with everything you need to know about the FSHS extension, and routes to more information!

  • As of 1.1.2021, FSHS is responsible for the health care of for example all degree students studying at Metropolia.
  • In the context of the extension, many things will change compared to the current situation, both for students at a University of Applied Sciences who will be covered by FSHS and for university students who are already covered by services.
FSHS payment
  • All students who are present pay the tax-like FSHS fee to Kela independently, i.e. no separate invoice is sent for the fee.
  • The size of the health care fee in 2021 will be EUR 35,80 per semester, i.e. EUR 71,60 per academic year.
  • The fee for the spring semester 2021 can be paid from December. The fee must be paid by 31 January 2021, or if you register to be present after 31 January 2021 by 31 July 2021.
  • Otherwise, the use of FSHS services is free of charge. There will only be a fee for uncancelled no-show appointments

More information about the payment on Kela’s website

FSHS services
  • are partly broader than the student health care currently provided by cities. For example oral health care will be part of student health care in the future.
  • operate very far digitally. In the future, the Helsinki-Espoo-Vantaa -region will have three physical service points, in Malmi, Otaniemi and Töölö.
    • Töölönkatu 37, Helsinki – Travel time from Arabia approx. 30 min, from Myyrmäki approx. 40 min, from Myllypuro approx. 40 min and from Karamalmi approx. 50 min
    • Mal min kauppatie 8, Helsinki – Travel time from Myllypuro approx. 20 min, from Arabia approx. 30 min, from Myyrmäki approx. 35 min and from Karamalmi approx. 55 min
    • Otakaari 12, Espoo – Travel time from Myllypuro approx. 48 min, from Karamalmi approx. 50 min, from Myyrmäki approx. 55 min and from Arabia approx. 55 min

Study environment and study community activities

  • Regular collaboration with interest groups, particularly with educational institutions and student associations
  • Expert services
  • Health-promoting communications
  • Study environment inspections every 3 years and yearly monitoring

Healthcare services

  • Individual monitoring and promotion of health and welfare and ability to study
  • Individual and group-based health guidance
  • Periodic health check-ups:
    • public health nurse and general practitioner
    • oral health exa mination and treatment plan
  • Preventive oral health measures
  • Prevention of infectious diseases: health check-ups, vaccinations (national vaccination programme)
  • Family planning
  • Study-related health exa minations, certificates and statements required by the Infectious Diseases Act and other legislation
  • Travel health advice, including student exchange (students purchase the required vaccines themselves, although they can be given as part of student healthcare)
  • Basic psychological exa minationn

Medical care services

  • Primary medical care and oral health services
  • Assessing the need for treatment
  • Non-urgent treatment, including treatment to be given within 1 to 7 days
  • Treatment requiring a medical or dental specialist if the patient does not belong to specialized care
  • Laboratory and imaging services in primary care related to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Speech therapy specific to field of study (initial investigation of voice disorders for those studying for a profession requiring verbal communication)

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