METKA’s office will gradually start the summer holidays.

M-piste service points are still open this week:

  • Myllypuro Tue 9-12 & 12.30-15
  • Myyrmäki: closed due to sickness
  • Arabia Wed 9-12 & 12.30-15
  • Karamalmi Thu 9-12 & 12.30-15

Chat serves:

  • Week 20: Normally open Mon-Fri 9-15
  • Week 21: Open Wed-Fri 9-15
  • Week 22: Normally open Mon-Fri 9-15
  • Week 23: Chat closed, we will open again in the autumn semester <3

Are you missing the Week of Wappu overall patch? Or the overall patch from the Freshers Party this spring? No worries! More patches have been ordered, but unfortunately we won’t get them until in June. However, METKA’s people work regularly at the Myllypuro office until midsummer. E-mail us and let’s arrange the patch pick-up! Through you can also order a mailing for patches!

Did you complete all Freshers’ Bingo tasks during the spring? Congratulations, you are eligible for the prize! Those who have already returned their bingo tickets will be contacted in person to collect the prize. If you still have a filled bingo ticket at home, please contact

In July we are on vacation!

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